Quality Guarantee

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We only use reputable suppliers and subcontractors who know how we work - they know our quality control procedures, respect our time frames and are willing to go the extra mile.


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We’ll always keep you in the loop. Before we begin your building project we hold a pre-construction meeting so you can meet all the key members of your building team. We schedule times and dates for site meetings, so you’re fully informed of progress and any timely decisions that need to be made.

Master Builder Guarantee

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We can offer you a 10-year Master Builder Guarantee. Speak to Russell about what that could mean for your home renovation project

Progress Payment Guarantee

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We understand you’re spending a lot of money on this building project, so we take the duty of managing your funds extremely seriously. Your regular progress payments will match the materials and labour needed at each stage of the job, running in line with the work being done rather than lagging behind or sprinting ahead.

Build Guarantee

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Seeing your project come together is exciting but you don’t want it to last forever! We give you a time frame for building work and guarantee that all work be completed on time and within budget.

Fixed Price Contract

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No surprises. We offer a true fixed price contract. There are no hidden costs or inaccurate allowances that might increase the price of your building project. You have the assurance that you can budget with confidence while your building project is in progress.

Design Guarantee

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The scope of your work and its design go hand in hand. We work with preferred architects and can refer you to trusted design experts who won’t blow your budget or work outside your brief. Plus, we provide an accurate preliminary budget that identifies the true cost of your proposed renovation at an early stage.